5 ways to improve your writing skills

Writing properly in English language is essential in our learning process, since written communication in its different forms (text messages, emails, formal letters, essays and articles, and so on) is part of our daily life, it defines our relations with other people, public or private entities and also provides us with a chance to express ourselves and be creative. Sometimes, when we have to write a composition, we are faced with different dilemmas such as the style we have to choose, the appropriate wording we should use or how to structure the different paragraphs in the text. Today we are sharing with you five tips on how you can improve your writing skills regardless of you level of fluency in English language.

  • First, even if it seems obvious, regularly revise basic grammar and vocabulary. As with your speaking skills, your writing abilities will improve if you strengthen your knowledge concerning the basic grammar rules and incorporate new words to your vocabulary. This undoubtedly will help you draft essays, letters or compositions in less time and in a way that your readers will understand.
  • Second, make sure you know about the topic you are going to write about, and keep it clear and simple. Before you start writing, set a plan, choose your topics carefully and take notes so that you get a well-structured text in the end. In English, keep your sentences short and simple, that is, do not overexplain, especially if you have to stick to a word limit.
  • Third, focus on the style you are going to employ.  Once you know the issue or issues you are going to write about, choose the appropriate vocabulary (law, business, science, leisure) taking notes if necessary, and, depending on the context, decide whether you need a formal or informal style.
  • Fourth, you need to practice regularly. Writing from time to time will necessarily help you improve in this area but you will make a remarkable progress if you also read texts in English on a daily basis, especially those topics you particularly enjoy. Thanks to new technologies nowadays we can easily access to all sorts of reading material in other languages therefore do not hesitate to make the most of this advantage.
  • Last, but not least, when you practise, you can use apps like Grammarly, which can be of assistance in the correction of common grammar mistakes, or Linguee, which shows you a wide variety of texts on the internet written by native speakers. Additionally, remember that you can find many different dictionaries like Cambridge, Merriam Webster or Thesaurus (synonyms and antonyms) which will no doubt help you enhance your vocabulary and thus write higher quality texts.

We hope you found this information useful, now try and practice as much as you can! Other posts you can find interesting:



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