Valencian Community Day is celebrated on the ninth of October. This day commemorates the entry of king James the I (nicknamed The Conqueror) in the city of Valencia in 1238. The conquest of Valencia, a Moorish kingdom until then, was part of the policy of expansion adopted by the Christian kingdoms in the Iberian peninsula during the late Middle Ages.descarga

This day is bank holiday in the whole of the Valencian Region however it is particularly celebrated in the capital, the city of Valencia. The celebrations date back to the 14th century, consisting of a civic procession from Valencia city council to king James’s monument, on which wreaths are laid. During the procession the senyera, Valencia’s official flag, is carried by the authorities and  the Anthem of the Valencian Community is sung by the attendees.

Among the official celebrations, it is worth mentioning the ceremony of awards held at the Generalitat palace, headquarters of the Valencian regional government. These awards are known as “Alta Distincion”, and are granted to distinguished citizens in order to acknowledge their contributions to culture, science, sports or charitable activities.

The 9th of October is also the day of Sant Dionis, considered the saint patron of love by Valencians. During this day it is traditional for men to give women a box of marzipan sweets wrapped in a large handkerchief known as mocaora.

From Victoria School of Languages we would like to wish you a happy Valencian Community Day!

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