How to translate «Clase» into English?

For Spanish-speaking students, a basic word like “clase” (in an educational or academic context) can be difficult to translate, because there are different terms in English language in this respect, and we will have to choose the appropriate one depending on the context. Since today’s word is really relevant to students, we are going to offer you a complete description of all the possible translations, as well as a few examples.


This is probably the first term that comes to our minds when we want to translate “clase”, and hence the most employed one, even if sometimes it would not be the right choice. “Class” refers to two different concepts:

  • Group of students: The whole class decided to postpone the exam
  • Subject: The students were given the diplomas during the French class. (PLEASE NOTE: in the context of college/university we will use the term LECTURE)
  • Room or space: The students left the class one by one.


Similarly, the word “classroom” refers to the place where the lessons are held: My classroom is very well equipped (PLEASE NOTE: in the context of college/university we will use LECTURE ROOM)


This term refers to a period of time in which students are taught about a particular subject. Examples: She earns some extra cash by giving private piano lessons/Today’s math’s lesson was quite interesting. Again, at college/university we will use the term LECTURE


We will use “school” when we refer to educational activities in general, for example, There is no school during the summer season.

We hope this clarifies the subject, now let’s practice a little.

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We hope you found this useful. We do not have anything else to add except for: thank you very much for your attention!

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