Finishing our holidays

Holidays can be fun, exciting, relaxing, and a good opportunity to enjoy our time with our beloved ones (or on our own), however they are usually limited in time. Once we run out of annual leave at work (or money, or both) it is time to return home and go back to our daily routine. Today we are going to revise the basic English we will need at the hotel (or any other sort of accommodation) and the airport when finishing our summer break.


Checking out at the hotel:

This is done at reception once we have packed our suitcases and we are ready to leave.

  • Good morning, we are checking out of room (no.), please.
  • How much is it in total? Can we have the invoice, please? Is everything included?
  • Can I pay with credit card? Do you accept cheques?
  • Here are the room keys/cards
  • We need to be at the airport at 7.00 p.m. Could you call a taxi for us please? (if we do not need a taxi, we may ask “what is the quickest way to get to the airport?)
  • Can you keep our suitcases while we wait for the taxi? Can we leave our suitcases here until we leave?

On the other hand, the front desk receptionist may ask us questions such as:

  • Are you ready to check-out?
  • What room were you in?
  • Did you enjoy your stay with us? Do you have any complaints/suggestions?
  • Do you need any help with your suitcases?
  • Would you like to settle your minibar bill?
  • How would you like to pay?
  • Do you want me to print out the bill/invoice for you?
  • Would you like me to call a taxi for you?
  • Have a nice trip back home


At the airport:

Once we get to the airport, we will have to go to the nearest check-in desk.

  • Where is the (airline name) check-in desk, please?
  • How many bags/suitcases can I check?
  • Is our flight on time? When is boarding time expected?
  • How much is the fee? (if our baggage exceeds the weight limit)

The agents at the check-in desk may ask us questions like:

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, where are you flying to?
  • May I have your passports, please?
  • Are you checking any bags/suitcases?
  • Can you put your bag on the scale, please?
  • Did you pack your bags yourself?
  • Here are your boarding passes. Boarding is scheduled at ____ a.m./p.m. in gate (number) It is expected to be announced soon. Have a safe trip.

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