Valencia city is the perfect place to have a life time experience as well as to get familiar with and fall in love with the colorful Spanish culture. This Mediterranean city is a great destination for those who really love architecture, history, food and beaches. You can find all of those things in one charming place. Also, it is worth mentioning that around Valencia you can easily find and explore mountains and enjoy breathtaking views, lovely villages and wild beaches.

I come from Lithuania, DSC02338 (1)a rainy and small northern European country. I spent all my summer in Valencia city and I really would like to share my sensations about it. First thing, if you really want to feel Spanish culture, temperament and friendliness, you need to speak Spanish for sure. I was so lucky to have the possibility to learn Spanish during my summer in Valencia. Spanish speaking tempo is really fast and emotional, it seems that they can say thousands of words in one minute. It is really impressive and funny at the same time! It is worth mentioning that in the Valencian region Valencian language is also used. It is quite fascinating to see how people manage to use both languages in the same city.

For the first time I felt like a lost kid in a foreign place. I was carrying a huge city map and constantly falling in love with architecture and cafeterias during my time in the old town. One of my favorite place was Mercat de Colón – a treat for your eyes and your stomach. There you should really have a typical Spanish mid-morning lunch called almuerzo or taste the refreshing traditional drink ¨orchata¨. In my opinion it is the best way to start a lazy Saturday morning in Valencia!

I am very grateful that while looking at the map my DSC02597eyes got caught by Xátiva town name. This small place in Valencia province revealed me another part of Valencia. Mountainous, green and full of history Xátiva can be proud of  gorgeous unfolding views and the castle of  Xátiva. The town is filled with Spanish traditions, food, colors, cute small streets and houses, flowers  in the balconies and windows. A day spent in Xátiva is really enough to visit all  sights, parks and nice places. This place is a really good destination for those who are looking forward having a nice day in a small town.

All in all, I would like to say that it is impossible not to fall in love with Valencia. I really would like to say thank you Spain, for the adventure we had!

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By Greta Jankauskaite

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