4 tips to write a good cover letter


Cover letters are an essential complement for your CV for different reasons. One, because they are the first thing an employer sees when receiving a job application, which give jobseekers a good opportunity to make a good impression. Also, they provide employers with information about applicants that cannot be found in their CVs, by briefly explaining the reasons why they are the right people for the job. Today we have the pleasure to share five basic tips to draft a good cover letter which will help you enhance the information contained in your CV.

  1. Include both your contact details (top right) as well as the employer’s (top left). It is a good idea to find out the name, title and position of the person you are writing to (for example, Mrs. Anne Fillmore, Human Resources Director). This shows a previous research done by the candidate as well as a genuine interest in the position.
  2. Brief introduction: in the first paragraph you should briefly introduce yourself including your degree, expertise and career interests and goals, emphasising how these fit in the company’s mission and objectives.
  3. Tell the employer why you are the right person for the position. In the second paragraph you have to “sell yourself”, explaining why your skills and experience fit perfectly with the position’s requirements. More broadly, you can do some research about the company in order to describe in which ways you can help it meet its current targets and expand its business.
  4. To conclude, tell them you are really eager to arrange an interview in order to discuss further about the position and thank them in advance for their time and attention.

In the whole process, you must remember:

  • Be brief, just three paragraphs, half a page in total.
  • Do not go through your whole CV in the cover letter, just mention the key issues that best fit with the job requirements
  • Believe in what you are doing, it is good to show certain amount of passion. It is OK to boast about your skills and experience but only if you have evidence to prove it.
  • Obviously keep an elegant and polite style but formalities will depend on the sector you are applying to (for example, banking and law differ in this respect from sectors like modelling or acting)

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