Bastille Day for sure is the most important bank holiday in France and it is celebrated on 14th of July. In France, it is formally called La fête nationale and it is traditionally considered as the symbol of the French Revolution. In Paris, from morning to night, a huge variety of events make this anniversary an especially festive one. Many public events are held like the military parade, evenings with dancing, and a fireworks display, you can find everythingfrench for all tastes and ages.

Let´s take a look to the history of this celebration. The Bastille was a prison in Paris and it associated with the harsh rule of the Bourbon monarchy in the late 1700s. On 14th of July, 1789 troops invaded and stormed the Bastille. It was the beginning of the French revolution, which led France to the three ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. This was a way to celebrate the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in France.

Nowadays, French national day causes many popular celebrations in the streets as well as political events. Every single town celebrates the Bastille day with a pride and excitement. French people become real patriots on this day. They wear blue, white and red, sing French anthem and have a glass of typical celebration drink – Champagne!

If you want to experience 14th of July like a real Frenchman, the best way to do it is to go to Paris. On the celebration day, in the morning, the French president opens the military parade. This is the oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe. The traditional military parade begins at 11 am  and troops begin rolling down Paris’ famed Champs-Elysées Avenue. The parade in Paris enchants with a spectacle of colors and rhythms. All in all, the high point of the celebration in Paris is the concert on the Champs-de-Mars and the fireworks display in the night at the Tour Eiffel.  french1

The Bastille Day in France has important symbols. Celebration without symbols like Eiffel Tower in Paris and the French national flag is unimaginable for French. People may also wear clothes or paint their faces in French flag colors: blue, white and red.

That is how the French national day is celebrated. We are truly wishing to have a wonderful celebration.

Victoria Escuela de Idiomas wish to have a happy Bastille Day, France!  http://www.escuelavictoria.es/

By Greta Jankauskaite

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